Hi there! My name is Hannah and I have a particular love for photography, food (vodka pasta warms my heart & stomach!), fashion, makeup, and literature. If you couldn't already tell, I am also quite fond of creating little photo diaries of my trips, whether it be to a new restaurant or an entirely new city or country. I also have a Youtube channel where I share my love for all things beauty related, so if that's right up your alley, be sure to check it out!

I am currently a full-time student and professional makeup artist for Estée Lauder. I have also previously worked for Lancôme and have several years of freelance artistry under my belt. Working in the beauty industry has provided me with many great opportunities to learn and grow as an artist, and I look forward to the continuation of this journey, no matter the path I take...

But all that aside, I hope you enjoy my blog because I truly enjoy sharing!



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